The focus of our activities is on infrastructure assets, where we primarily cover the energy, telecommunications and transportation sectors. Through our network in industry and politics, we always have our finger on the pulse with regard to innovative technologies and new business models, and can quickly and confidently classify new developments, taking into account opportunities and challenges.


Massive change due to the energy transition:

  • The parallel coal and nuclear phase-out in Germany leads to a substantial increase in the importance of alternative energy sources
  • Extensive subsidy programs lead to accelerated expansion of renewable energies
  • Hydrogen continues to gain importance as an innovative energy source and as a way to store energy
  • The increasing need for energy storage is a key consequence of the volatile energy production through renewable energy sources

Digital Infrastructure

Advancing technological progress:

  • Massively growing data volumes driven by the digitization of our everyday lives, technological innovation such as autonomous driving, and special effects such as Covid-19 require an increasingly powerful telecommunications infrastructure.
  • This results in significant investments in the expansion of high-performance fiber-optic networks as well as 5G networks and thus also mobile communications towers
  • In addition, massive investments are being made in the number and performance of data centers to process and store the exponentially increasing data volume


Continuous behavioral change in transportation:

  • Growing share of electric vehicles requires a corresponding charging station infrastructure, especially in urban regions where users rarely have private charging options
  • Digital business models for traffic control and parking management are becoming established
  • Travel habits are changing as a result of the pandemic, especially in the business context

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